About Us

As educators, we all share the same goal to pass valuable knowledge, and change the lives of our students.

However, we understand how easy it is to get stuck with ‘tick and flick’ teaching techniques that lead us away from why we became trainers in the first place: to engage and inspire our students.

Brain Trax provides revolutionary professional development courses for trainers designed to reignite your passion and energy – so that you can do the same for your own learners.  Just like you, we want to energise our classroom and online training  by igniting fun, curiosity and passion, while still passing on valuable knowledge to students.

Based on the ground-breaking principles of brain-friendly training and the unique experience of Internationally-renowned trainer, Laurie Kelly, Brain Trax aims to equip educators all over the world with powerful teaching techniques and training strategies that will  forever change the way you deliver training.