Creating an Electric Learning Environment

In this session of the Brain-Friendly Training series, you will gain teaching techniques to fill your classroom with energy, and encourage your students to develop ideas themselves. Designed with trainers and other educators in mind, its goal is to create a place that is charged up so that your learners are engaged and always ready to learn.

Your teaching may come across as excellent, but without the environment that facilitates the learning process, it still may fall short of delivering knowledge to your learners. An ‘electric’ learning environment from the moniker alone means that you need a lively place for ideas to grow and flourish.

It doesn’t need to be overwhelmingly loud, but it must be energetic and engaged enough so that learners are able to participate all throughout the training/teaching session. Incorporating the element of fun can also contribute to people being alert, as they change their stance from tense to receptive.

What You Will Learn

Training Techniques

  • Practical activities and power words to stimulate energy and maintain high engagement with your learners
    Given that a training/teaching session is effectively an exercise in putting information to willing minds, why not add some activities that will stimulate people towards learning? Keeping your learners engaged with you practically at all times greatly helps in absorbing information.
  • How to create motion and move people and ideas around the classroom
    The traditional method of teaching calls for the instructor to stand at one place and deliver all the knowledge  using a visual medium and speaking. Times have since then changed, and doing things the old way is basically doing it the hard way when learners value the mobility of ideas more than ever.
  • How to keep your learners alert and have fun, while passing valuable knowledge
    Keeping the fun away from your sessions is letting your training suffer a boring fate. Having your learners engage in some fun activities related to the topic at hand can liven up the training session in general, as well as communicating your lesson better than mere talk ever could. 

Session Duration

1 hour

Training Facilitator

Laurie Kelly
Laurie Kelly has been opening up the “mysteries of the mind” to trainers and educators from all walks of life around the world – for over 30 years.
He is also of the most highly-regarded trainers in the country – training RTO professionals, enterprise trainers  and school students from all industries.